Why We Still Advertise On Facebook

Why We Still Advertise On Facebook

There is no one Big Tech Monopolies hurt more than small businesses like ours. I've heard horror stories of our very own competitors having their Facebook page with over 500,000+ followers being deleted overnight, personal accounts being banned without explanation, and more ...

To this day, our business is still not even able to reach out for any kind of support to talk to anyone at Facebook for any assistance. 

Facebook reached its peak with us and restricted our page from advertising and restricted our reach due to "false news" by independent fact-checkers --a cartel of several left-leaning news companies enforcing their viewpoint on others unchecked. These "fact-checkers" are listed below:

Not to mention, our Instagram, also owned by Facebook, was shadow-banned (restricted from reach without telling us). We saw our impressions go from 8,000,000 reach to a few thousand in just 24 hours.

Now I bet you can guess when all of this happened ...

Yep, just a few days after the 2020 Presidential election. Whether or nowhere is a correlation of these events is unknown, but there's evidence to suggest otherwise.


So why does AmericanWaffle continue to advertise on Facebook, even though they treat us so poorly?

Like we said before, they are a monopoly. There's really nowhere else to go that small businesses like us can advertise on and reach so many people with freedom of speech.

Mewe does not offer advertising and Parler was just shutdown.

Until these Big Tech monopolies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. are broken up and compete fairly, there will have to be alternatives made that support free speech and help small businesses.

However, we just launched a telegram channel we hope to continue to grow.

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