Why Voter Fraud Is More Possible Than You Think

Why Voter Fraud Is More Possible Than You Think

When I voted during the 2020 General Election, I could have easily committed voter fraud.

Here's how...

I live in California. Yes, the state of high taxes, ridiculous policies, and political correctness. I also live with multiple people which means every single person who registered to vote was mailed a mail-in ballot without their intent.

As I went to vote in person on November 3rd, I waited in line as everyone else and was directed to a booth where I filled out my ballot. When I was finished I dropped my envelope-sealed ballot inside a blue box and left. 

Seems simple enough, right?


You'd think voting stations as the DMV, Airports, and other security checkpoints do, you'd need at least some for of ID, but not one person in line was checked for any form of identification in order to vote.

This brings me to my next point: How possible is it to commit voter fraud?

Currently, these are the standards set in place across the nation for voter ID...

Approximately, half of the states have absolutely no form of voter ID, leaving people open to commit nefarious acts of voter fraud.

Here's how I myself could have easily committed voter fraud if I chose to (For legal reasons, I did not break any laws, this is a hypothetical scenario)

First, I could have gone to other people's residences and simply picked up their mail-in ballots right outside their front door. Then filled it out, falsely sign their signature (or have a machine do it), and drop it off at a mailbox.

Second, since there are no voter ID laws in California, I could have gone to multiple polling stations with multiple ballots and voted for them. Not to mention, if my deceased relative's ballot showed up that's an extra vote I could have put in the blue box.

Third, I could have sent my mail-in ballot in California, moved to another state (possibly with no voter ID laws), and vote in person.

There are so many other scenarios in which the absence of voter ID allows for fraudulent votes...

And every fraudulent vote, is a replacement count of a legal vote.

Many people across the nation agree, the 2020 Election has been a huge disaster for the integrity of our democracy, and the time for nationwide Voter ID is now.

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