by Sam · · 1 min read

AmericanWaffle is attempted to be shutdown by rouge third-party companies.

Over the weekend, the non-partisan alterative to Twitter, Parler, was wiped off the face of the Earth.

Here are just some of the list of companies that abandoned them:

- Apple
- Google
- Amazon / AWS
- Their Own lawyers
- Multiple Server Hosting Companies
- and more ...

Without "300-500" servers which they had via Amazon Web Services, their site is completely offline.

This is incredibly dangerous for the future of open internet as a whole.


In our case, we've already had ...

- Our Facebook restricted from advertising and reach
- Instagram shadowbanned
- TikTok shadowbanned

And just yesterday a certain company (rhymes with Slaviyo) we use to send emails to you is terminating our relationship completely.


Because some of their employees were "offended by the Biden Likes Minors shirt"

(This shirt has been removed since, as well as other political products for time being)

Luckily, they're giving us 30 days to move to another platform, but who knows if another platform will work with us after what has happened.