Make America California?

Make America California?

As a small business in Roseville, CA, we understand the frustrations of life here.

- Terrible policies
- Corrupt politicians
- Higher crime rates
- Failing public school systems
- Higher taxes
- Lower quality of life
- Crazy expensive
- Homelessness
& more

In fact, CEO Magazine ranked California the worst state to do business in (again)

But some argue California is still a beautiful state with excellent weather ...

Even still, there is a massive migration out of California, soon causing the state to lose one of its house seats due to a population decrease

Major corporations are moving out of California's silicon valley, and fleeing to other places with less regulations and more opportunity: Tesla, Oracle, HP, DailyWire, and more.

Unfortunately, it seems President Biden's Cabinet is full of California politicians aiming to make California's problems, America's problems too.

What was once the scene of the legendary Gold Rush, is rushing people out of the very place they once called home --and soon may not be ours either.

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What is happening to the very country that I love so much that I nearly died for to proudly, honorably and bravely defend in Baghdad Iraq while serving with the U.S. Army. Oh I know a damn democrat stole his seat in the WH Oval Office, Sleepy Creepy Geriatric Senile Pedophile Joey did thats why America is falling😡😭

James Chaney

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