Elon Musk OWNS the Libs!

Elon Musk OWNS the Libs!

After purchasing the ENTIRE company of Twitter for $44B, Elon Musk is trolling every blue checkmark snowflake that has used the platform for years to bully other people and spread their propaganda in this fictional bubble world...

Only now, when Mr. Musk unviels what's behind the 'Berlin Wall' of the internet aka Twiters black box algorithm, people are trying to close it and censor him.

Musk even tweeted out a meme of Twitters top censorship czar and lawyer Vijaya Gadde who CRIED on a 45 minute twitter employee group therapy session.

Musk also too shots at Trump's Truth Social app stating it should be renamed "Trumpet" instead:

Musk also called out the top Twitter lawyer for allowing the infamous Hunter Biden story to be censored for an entire month and the NY Post's account to be locked until AFTER the election.

What's the 1st thing you believe Musk will do with his new company Twitter?

Jeff Bezos (who's company Amazon rips off almost ALL American Made product for their own Chinese knockoffs) thinks Musk may be a Chinese threat!

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